State Republicans Try To Repeal ‘Green Light’ Law

Image by New York State DMV.

ALBANY – New York State’s Senate Republican Conference leaders proposed an amendment Tuesday to repeal the state’s “Green Light” Law.

Signed into law last year, the ‘Green Light’ law allows illegal immigrants to obtain drivers’ licenses.

Earlier this month, the Department of Homeland Security announced a suspension on New Yorkers’ enrollment eligibility for multiple “Trusted Traveler” programs in direct response to the law’s implementation.

According to federal officials, the integrity of these popular international travel programs could no longer be guaranteed due to the statewide block on DMV information sharing.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has changed his position multiple times on information sharing with federal officials since the suspension of Trusted Traveler programs.

Senator George Borrello says the Governor cannot single-handedly change a policy he signed into law, the state legislature is tasked to fix what he calls a “public safety crisis.”

“In bringing this amendment forward, we were seeking to restore the rule of law and common sense to this state,” said Senator Borrello. “Democrats continually choose to side with the lawless, rather than the law-abiding.”

“Between the Green Light Law and the bail reform disaster, New York is remaking itself into a haven for criminals,” explained Senator Borrello.

At the close of session Tuesday, the Senate Republican Conference’s repeal was rejected by Democrats.


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