Local Doctor Explains COVID-19 Symptoms

JAMESTOWN – A local medical leader in Chautauqua County is explaining what patients should lookout for when monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms.

Dr. Tat-Sum Lee spoke with our Justin Gould on WNYNewsNow’s Monday broadcast. Viewers can watch the segment in the embedded video above, or, by clicking here.

The Chautauqua Center is currently accepting new patients during the COVID outbreak. Those seeking more information are asked to call them at (716) 484-4334 or visit tcchealth.org.




  1. It is sad when you are sick, could possibly have the COVID-19 an your dr tells you to go to ER, in my case it was brooks and I couldn’t stay due to construction an how bad my headache was,(I waited 45 mins, an was nauseous due to headache got way worse) an they tell you they are NOT testing ANYONE an treating EVERYONE WHO HAS SYMPTOMS OF COVID-19 AS THE FLU!!! What a disaster that place is!! I also work in healthcare, private duty, an if I did have it, could have spread it to my clients! SMH very disturbing thought!!! And of course they are high risk!!!

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