Trump: Face Mask Deal Reached With 3M

Photo: CDC / Debora Cartagena

WASHINGTON – President Trump says manufacturer 3M will produce more than 166-million masks for healthcare workers fighting the Coronavirus outbreak.

Administration officials said trump did enforce the Defense Production Act with the company.

Trump made the announcement at the Coronavirus Task Force briefing Monday evening.

“I can also announce today that we have reached an agreement, very amicable agreement, with 3M for the delivery of additional 5.5 million high-quality face masks each month, so we are going to be getting over the next couple of months 166.5 million masks for our frontline healthcare workers, so the 3M saga ends very happily, we are very proud now to be dealing now with 3M,” said the President.

President Trump had blasted the company last week for continuing to sell some masks overseas.

3M had said it was necessary to do so to maintain overall supply levels in the United States, fearing retaliation from international companies the U.S. relies on for imports of masks.

The company can now use the DPA to explain to foreign clients why they have no choice but to divert their supply to the United States.


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