Rails-To-Trails Advances In Town of Carroll

Photo: Pixabay

FREWSBURG – Construction of a portion of the ‘Rails-To-Trails’ trail from Main Street in Frewsburg to the state line has been green-lighted, according to Town of Carroll Supervisor Russ Payne.

In a statement released on social media, Payne said he was notified by Director Jim Fincher that the state has approved the construction.

“Mr. Fincher was excited to report that his firm has been given the necessary permission from the New York State DEC to begin the actual construction on this segment of the Rails-To-Trails project,” Payne said. “Mr. Fincher has secured the cooperation of a contractor who has consented to donate time, equipment and materials to begin this phase of the project.

The system could potentially tie into trails into the State of Pennsylvania and thus offering expanded services to residents, tourists and visitors from the Western New York area, Pennsylvania and well beyond, Payne said.

In addition, Payne said he reached out to the Jamestown Audubon Sanctuary on Riverside Road in the Town of Kiantone, which has expressed interest in tying into the Rails-To-Trails system.

“It is the hope and dream of the Town of Carroll and the Rails-To-Trails organization, that the Town of Kiantone will join with us to help us realize the feasibility of linking the trail in question with the Jamestown Audubon Sanctuary on Riverside Road in the Town of Kiantone to better serve the needs of all citizens, visitors and tourist,” Payne said. “We certainly welcome the input and possible collaborative effort of the Town of Kiantone, to help bring this portion of the project to fruition.”


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