Chautauqua County Churches Organize COVID-19 Response

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JAMESTOWN – Churches from around Chautauqua County have been holding weekly video conference calls since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to share best practices, to work to ensure food security and mobilize their faith communities.

During the conference calls, area churches have created the Pastoral Crisis Line for individuals to seek personalized pastoral care and prayer, regardless of denomination or religious affiliation. The crisis line will refer callers to faith leaders reflective of their religious background and preferences. The new Pastoral Crisis Line can be reached at 716-226-1494.

Additionally, leaders have created a sub-committee to better coordinate the efforts of church-sponsored food pantries and to connect these efforts to the Jamestown Public Market and the Mobile Market.

To amplify the flow of food from FeedMore WNY church leaders  leaders have also set up a friendly competition between the faith communities to see who can raise the most funds to support those who are struggling to find food in these difficult times. 

“To keep folks safe, this food drive will invite folks to contribute funds only,” said church leaders. “We are calling it the Friendly Food Fund Fight which we run until May 3.”

The Mobile Market will coordinate the ordering of the food from Brigiotta’s Farmland Produce & Garden Center.  Each congregation will be able to allocate those dollars to their own food pantries or to support a community pantry of their choosing.   


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