COVID: Preliminary Hydroxychloroquine Results Delayed

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ALBANY – Early results from a large study on the Coronavirus drug Hydroxychloroquine have not been encouraging, but researchers say it is important to remember the results so far have been preliminary.

On April 12, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a date to expect preliminary results from the Albany study, which is being sponsored by the state. But, the April 20 deadline came with no preliminary results released.

The researcher says officials will be releasing final results as early as the end of next week in the hopes of helping COVID patients as soon as possible.

So far, the most recent studies have not looked good for Hydroxychloroquine, the largest thus far at the Veteran’s Health Administration, 368 Coronavirus patients.

Those who took Hydroxychloroquine had more than twice the death rate as those who did not.

In a French study of 181 patients, Hydroxy Chloroquine didn’t work and some patients taking it developed heart problems. Neither of those studies has been peer reviewed or published in a medical journal yet.

One small study also French had 20 study subjects and showed the patients had a lower viral load after taking Hydroxychloroquine. But that’s study’s methods have been questioned and the journal that published it is reviewing it again.

For Coronavirus patients and their families more waiting to see which drug might make the difference between life and death.

The FDA says it working to expedite clinical trials for COVID under the Coronavirus Treatment Acceleration program.

Seventy-two active clinical trials are underway with another 211 in the planning stages.


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  1. The largest study to date is the VA study? What about Dr. Raoult’s ~1000 person study? Why cherry pick studies based on findings?

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