Gov. Cuomo Announces New Details On Phased Regional Re-Opening Plan

Image by Mike Groll / Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

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ALBANY – Governor Andrew Cuomo during his daily COVID-19 briefing Tuesday provided new details on the future of the state’s phased regional re-opening plan.

The Governor says regional re-opening will depend on multiple factors. The two big factors remain hospital capacity and the infection rate.

“If the hospital system in an area exceeds 70 percent capacity, which means you only have 30 percent left, or the rate of transmission of the virus hits 1.1, those are danger signs,” said Gov. Cuomo.

Following U.S. Centers for Disease Control guidelines, if a region has a decline in the hospitalization rate for 14 days, that’s when a phased re-opening may start.

“If you look at the rate in Upstate New York, it’s comparable to many states in the West and the Midwest. We hear the discussion every day, ‘Well, some states are reopening because they don’t have that bad of a problem.’ Some of the places Upstate have a problem that’s comparable to states in the Midwest or the West,” Cuomo said.

Another part of the “un-pausing” effort will be reliant on a “regional control room”

“We have to have one central source that’s monitoring these dials; that hits the danger button so that you can actually slow down the reopening,” he said.

The Governor also announced a New York Forward Reopening Advisory Board that will include business, community and civic leaders.

He also said he would have a decision on the statewide school closure and summer schools by the end of the week.


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