Gillibrand: Lack Of Federal Money For States, Cities Means Drastic Cuts

File image by Storm Hartmann / WNY News Now.

FALCONER — The main disagreement between Democrats and Republicans in the latest COVID-19 relief package is federal funding for states, cities and counties, which would mean drastic cuts to vital services.

That’s the warning from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who voiced her concerns Friday while visiting the FeedMore WNY Distribution Center in Falconer.

“Without more money for cities, states and counties, anything that isn’t mandated will be cut,” Gillibrand said. “Anything that really gets into the deepest needs of our communities is the first to get cut.”

She said cuts would be to areas such as first responders, child care and other non-mandated social programs.

Previously Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said local governments would face the brunt of the cuts, with education and health care most impacted.

Gillibrand said the package is being negotiated and she remains hopeful the Senate can vote on a relief bill sometime next week.


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