Jamestown Justice Coalition Holds BLM Rally Centered On Education

Image by Storm Hartmann / WNY News Now.

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JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown Justice Coalition held a Black Lives Matter Rally Sunday discussing a wide range of topics from black owned businesses to police racism.

After the initial rally on May 31, in honor of George Floyd, the coalition formed to create change in Jamestown and the surrounding community.

The group continued to have rallies at Dow Park every Sunday throughout the of the month of June. With the upcoming election in the midst, they gathered to focus on education as far as voting and its importance.

“The ultimate goal of the coalition is to seek recognition equity and equality for all marginalized people in our city and in our community, but we really try to focus on civic action and education,” said Coalition leader and educator Justin Hubbard.

Hubbard says since starting this group, they have been successful in getting conversations started and actions taken by local leaders and people of power.



  1. I think there should be events to bring police and our community together. Workshops on how to get arrested then flip the script and have police be ” arrested” by citizens so citizens can see how difficult it is with a non compliant arrestee. Or just cookout, basketball games, Fundraising events for the community. Arguably police are marginalized people. We need to All come together if peace is really the goal. Police have a hard job and they see and deal with things we could not even imagine. non compliance makes their job harder. If you have a problem with how you were treated than court is the place to fight it. Resistance will not end well for the police or the person resisting. Of course bad police should be dealt with accordingly but saying all police are bad because of a few bad ones is…prejudice. We all just want to get home to our family at the end of the day. Let’s get this stuff solved so we can move on to other problems such as irreversible climate change, human trafficking, the heroin epidemic, the current covid pandemic. Black lives matter!

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