Reed Urges Pelosi To Keep House In Session Until COVID-19 Relief Is Completed

Image via PxHere / United States House of Representatives.

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed is urging Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi to keep her public pledge to keep Congress in session until a favorable COVID-19 relief package can be passed.

In a Wednesday morning press conference, Reed said he sent a letter to House leaders supporting Congress to stay in session until the work is done.

“We want to stay here until we get a relief package done,” Reed said. “We have been working with the White House and the Senate on what we can agree about. We will continue to put pressure on them.”

Reed said lawmakers need to “stay in Washington to serve the needs of the American People in this crises.”

On other issues Reed, In response to a question, said the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have diverted Senate attention away from COVID-19 relief to the nomination struggle for the Supreme Court.

“Her passing has caused an impact on where we stand in regards to the senate and where they stand,” Reed said, adding while he seldom agreed with Ginsburg, he respected her and her impact on the nation.

He said the Senate and President Donald Trump are elected with the duty of filling the court and deferred to them on the matter.

“I defer to them and what I would encourage is we look at the qualifications of any of the nominees and it should be the qualifications (alone),” he said.


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