Poll: Mitrano, Reed Race Getting Tighter As Election Nears

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NEW YORK CITY — According to data compiled by the Global Strategy Group, the race between Congressman Tom Reed and Democratic challenger Tracy Mitrano is getting closer.

The GSG numbers show Reed leading Mitrano 50 percent to 38 percent. However, when likely voters were shown a simulated debate between the two, using website and press release information, the race stands at Reed 47, Mitrano 45 with 8 percent undecided.

“The numbers speak for themselves. We are closing in on Tom Reed because he has failed this district,” said Mitrano. “When voters learn about our campaign, they join us because the people of this district are united in seeking change.”

“Despite Reed’s substantially higher level of familiarity to voters, he fails to get above 50 percent – a significant warning sign for incumbents,” GSG said.

However, the election tracking site 270 To Win lists Reed as safely likely to be re-elected.

“Despite being well-known and even as Mitrano is largely unknown outside her base, Reed is only at 50 percent. Tom Reed is well-known to voters (85 percent familiar); in contrast, Tracy Mitrano is familiar to only 42 percent of voters – and these are largely voters in her Democratic base (60 percent familiar among Democrats),” GSG said.

In a related matter, Mitrano was endorsed Wednesday by The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 840, saying Reed does not support organized labor.

The local’s president, Ryan Davis, said Reed has consistently voted against organized labor issues.

Citing Reed’s efforts to create jobs and grow New York’s clean energy economy, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions (CRES) formally endorsed Reed for a return to Washington.


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