Cardinale Pushing Participation, Not Worried About Local Voter Fraud

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JAMESTOWN — In an effort to boost awareness and get out the vote, Christina Cardinale, Democratic candidate for New York State Assembly will take part in a rally at 4 p.m. Friday in Brooklyn Square.

With that in mind, she told WNYNewsNow she isn’t concerned about possible voter fraud at the local level with an unprecedented number of mail-in ballots.

“I would say I am not worried at all about Chautauqua County,” she said. “I’m very in communication with the Board Of Elections in Chautauqua County. They are organized in a bipartisan manner. Everything is very equal, everyone has an opportunity to weigh in.”

She encouraged people of all political stripes to come to the rally, meet her, discuss the issues and learn about the candidates.

“If you are a Republican, come by. If you are an Independent, if you are a Libertarian, come by,” Cardinale said. “Do not feel like you cannot come by if you are not a Democrat.”

The rally is to promote general awareness and also for Cardinale to put herself before the public to discuss issues, she said.

She defended her performance in last week’s debate with incumbent Republican opponent Andy Goodell. She came under some criticism on social media for coming across as rude or arrogant.

“It’s really not hard (dealing with criticism) because when you go into anything where you are a public figure you have to expect it to happen,” she said.

She said her passion and love for the area comes out when she talks with people, but deep down she will always fight hard for what she loves and what she cares about.

“If you sit down and talk with me you, you will realize I care about you regardless of your political affiliation,” she said.

“There have been some negative comments, but I can assure you, when you love something the way I love Chautauqua County, you end up fighting for it,” she said. “You fight for what you love.”

She urged people to vote and to educate themselves on the issues all year long, not just during election season.

“Please vote. Please vote. I like to reiterate the point that people have died for your right to vote. There’s been a lot of suffering for people’s right to vote,” she noted.

While she wants people to vote for her, she wants all eligible voters, regardless of whom they support, to vote, she said. She urged people to select who they think will best represent their interests and vote for them.


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