Jamestown Man Says 2020 Election Crucial Both Locally And Nationally

Image by Matt Hummel / WNY News Now.

JAMESTOWN – An area resident says that the 2020 election will be very important for all levels of government.

WNYNewsNow spoke with David Reinhardt, a City of Jamestown man who previously ran for a seat on the Chautauqua County Legislature, during a Democrat meet-and-greet event Friday afternoon at the Brooklyn Square. He tells us that voters should be doing research into each candidate that is running.

“This election is probably the most important election that I’m going to vote in, and I think it’s very important that everyone gets out, learns about the candidates, finds which ones align with their morals, with their integrity, with what they believe,” Reinhardt said.

Reinhardt explains that his children will be participating in this year’s election.

“We (him and his wife) just want everyone, we want them, to follow the process, and it’s going to be so important because there’s so much at stake from the White House right down to the county,” he said. “Just get out and vote.”

David Reinhardt. Image by Matt Hummel / WNY News Now.

WNYNewsNow asked Reinhardt for his thoughts on the count races for District Attorney and County Executive. He explains that, in his opinion, incumbent Patrick Swanson has done a great job in his first term. He also says that Richard Morrisroe, thus far, has presented solid ideas during the campaign season.

“There’s a lot of division in the country, and that radiates right down to neighborhoods,” Reinhardt said. “One side of a street is going to have some Trump support signs and the other side is going to have Biden support signs. This is going to be a very close race, and I just think everyone really needs to just listen to the two candidates…”

Many undecided voters ask why it’s important for them to vote. He says that voting is, indeed, a fundamental right for American citizens.

“This is America,” Reinhardt said. “We need to fulfil our obligation as Americans to go out and vote and be free. Just for everyone that’s fought for our right to vote, get out there and vote.”

Reinhardt says that he expects to be involved in more “pop-up” events in October in an effort to get people to vote in the 2020 election.


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