Congressman Pledges To Hold Governors Accountable With Stimulus Money

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WASHINGTON – Congressman Tom Reed says he will be holding governors throughout the country accountable in the wake of the recently passed stimulus package

Reed spoke during a call Wednesday morning with various local stakeholders who could receive money as part of the package. He explains that the Governor’s Association was able to find a loophole in regards to distributing aid to local areas.

The Congressman says that he is seeking help from stakeholders in keeping Governor Andrew Cuomo in check.

“Please, please, give us a heads up because we can use all of the efforts and our public pressure to make sure the Governor does not do this to you again,” Reed said. “The intention is not to have you guys suffer, especially in the educational domain area, and we want to make sure the Governor knows that we’re watching and that we are going to hold him accountable for violating the spirit of this law.”

Reed says, however, that the work from Congress is not done. He explains that he would like to see other areas, such as aid to states and local municipalities, addressed in a future package.


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