Lawmakers Push For Impeachment Commission Looking Into Cuomo

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ALBANY – An effort to create an impeachment commission that would investigate Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes is underway.

On Thursday, Republicans in the state Assembly proposed a resolution establishing a commission that would probe Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes and efforts to conceal data surrounding fatalities of residents throughout the pandemic.

The commission would have 60-days to investigate, with the group releasing their findings to lawmakers.

State Republican Party Chairman Nick Langworthy says this is not the first time Cuomo has attempted to coverup his missteps.

“There isn’t a person in New York State Politics or Government who doesn’t think Joe Percoco fell on the sword to protect the boss,” said Langworthy during a Thursday news conference in New York City. “Now today, his new top aid, Melissa Derosa, is facing the same exact dilemma, and once again investigators need to follow the money.”

“His deadly order forced COVID positive patients out of hospitals and into nursing homes with our most venerable New Yorkers, these are hospitals who had a direct line to the Governor,” furthered Langworthy. “Hospital bosses who paid handsomely for  that access, donating over a million bucks to Andrew Cuomo’s campaign account in last year along.”

Democrats hold a supermajority in the state Senate and Assembly, however, Cuomo’s support among rank-and-file lawmakers has taken a toll in recent weeks, including this week when Assemblyman Ron Kim said in interviews the governor had threatened him in a phone call over the nursing home issue.

Only governor, William Sulzer in 1913, has been impeached and removed from office in New York history.



  1. “Who cares [if they] died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.”- Andrew Cuomo January 29,2021

    Defend this statement, I’ll wait……

  2. Wow send them from the hospital to infect the old and weak. How couldn’t see that as a disaster. Sounds like a lot of counts of negligent homicide. Cuomo belongs in prison. Nushawn Williams knowingly and willingly infect many women with HIV Cuomo knowingly and willingly sent infected people from the hospital to nursing homes to infect others seems to be about the same thing to me. Cuomo for prison.

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