Parents, Son Arrested For Alleged Assault Of 12-Year-Old Celoron Youth

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CELORON – Two parents and their 18-year-old son are facing charges after an assault of a 12-year-old in the Village of Celoron this week.

Town of Ellicott Police say 35-year-old Thomas Stingel, 33-year-old Shelley Stingel and 18-year-old Corey Stingel were arrested on Tuesday.

It is alleged that Thomas and Shelley Stingel drove their three children, two juveniles and the 18-year-old to an address on East Lake Street in the village to fight a 12-year-old.

Police allege Corey Stingel and a juvenile male assaulted the youth.

The family was not at the scene when officers arrived to break up the fight.

Arrest warrants were later issued and the three Stingels were located in Falconer and taken into custody. They are charged with third-degree assault, fifth-degree conspiracy and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

The three, police say, were taken to the Chautauqua County Jail and held prior to arraignment.

Police say the 12-year-old suffered a black eye.



  1. They were arrested last night at 11:30 pm i was on phone with them. The boy was 15 and he was herrasing a 12year old altruistic child. Si her brother went to her defense. And shelly was in car and tom wad by car did nit ingage in it .

    • Then why in the name of God did they drive their children there in the first place?? They sound like great parents….not!!! And they engaged in it by being acomplises to the crime.

      • That’s the kind of parents these 2 are is, White trash!!!!! All of their children have mental problems from all the abuse they have endured over the years!!! Especially from the stepfather!!! I’ve heard all the stories of abuse over the years and it’s not pretty!!!! Those poor kids don’t stand a chance!!!!!

        • Funny how your calling them white trash lmao. Have you not been around them?! Clearly not. Must be talking bad about yourself which by the way is very unhealthy for you. Maybe you should keep your nose attached to your damn face. And stay outta MY family’s business.

        • first off your dumb cause they didn’t do anything if it weren’t for them i’d be getting beat and my brotha woulda been in a worse situation how about you ask people instead of running your mouth, cause you don’t know anything bout our family cause we on top rn and you sitting and the bottom talking on our name. check yoself and ya facts lady. oh yea and white trash: yessir that’s us but your just some weird old lady talking tough because nun of your family likes your no more, so yea we be white trash but your two faced 🤔which is worse sweetie.

      • Because the 12 year old made threats to one of the daughters. Not the 18 year old but the youngest son was threatened aswell and was told to meet up so they could fight. So they did. But then the kids mom called and stated that the parents and the oldest son fought the 12 year old. This story is all a lie.

  2. Is an “altruistic child” similar to an Eagle Scout?

    Seriously though, was their 15 year old kid being picked on by the 12 year old?

    • The 15 year old has been bullied by the 12 year old for months the school or anybody wouldn’t take care of it. The 12 year old told the 15 year olds brother to meet up and fight well that’s what happened but everyone lied and said the 18 year old son and the parents fought the 12 year old. When in reality the youngest boy fought the 12 year old.

  3. So disappointing and sad that they will never get the help they need for themselves. So sad these poor kids are all going to have issues of sorts as they get older because of all the mental and physical abuse in that family. Between the drug abuse, alcoholic “father” who has some major anger issues and a wife that doesn’t help him get better but feds into his messed up mind is no better. They are sick individuals.

    • Funny how your sitting here calling them white trash😂 Have you seen your son?! He’s the definition… been in and out of jail since he was 16 he is 32 and yet you wonder why some of the kids need help. Because he is a piece of shit dad!! Don’t sit here and run your damn mouth when you and your son are WHITE TRASH🖕🏻😘

    • oh yea and kim you actually gotta be on drugs cause how many times yo kid been locked up? yea he’s gotta get the idiotic methhead gene from someone. but that don’t even matter none of this does cause y’all idiots saying we ran away is false cause new york ain’t got nun good and we planned to leave that crap state and my “alcoholic physically abusive dad” who beat the charges hasn’t ever been referred to that by his own children. i ain’t even gon reply no more y’all are just fans, how bout y’all try hoppin off.

    • This coming from a crackhead that couldn’t raise her own kids hey Kim how many of yet kids have done time isn’t one of yet know D’s a straight meth head snitch haha don’t worry we got these kids they good go back to the bar stool looking for yet next sugar daddy

  4. Yer a fool were on the run yet the court systems know we’re we are at and I’m working in government facilities and have passed multiple background checks since moving to North Carolina ain’t nobody handing here come on down an see fool

  5. Oh an look no fake screen names I’m on here with my whole government name on here an not making comments about stuff y’all don’t know about get a life

  6. Oh and ppl that get there facts from the jamestown post journal are just slow like need to wear a helmet in public kinda slow and if the post journal has an issue go ahead and contact me when can get this straight loser’s were so glad that we left you all and were still on yer minds an we could care less about any of you sheep

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