Report: Staffers Say Work On Cuomo Book Was Not Completely Voluntary

Image via Crown Publishing Group / Andrew Cuomo Twitter.

ALBANY – The Albany Times Union is reporting that several of Governor Cuomo’s staff say their work on his book “American Crisis” was not completely voluntary.

Previously, a spokesperson for the Governor said the arrangement was legal, and that the work performed was voluntary.

But according to the Times Union, the staff making these new claims say the work was expected and that assignments related to the book were normal. Others said the work was not optional.

Cuomo’s book hit shelves last year and has been the subject of controversy surrounding alleged staffer work on it.

In the wake of Cuomo’s growing scandal, New York State Senator George Borrello has pushed legislation barring elected officials from publishing books about their public service while still in office.


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  1. So were the “not optional” staffers working on Cuomo’s book, on the clock for NY state, on the taxpayers dime?

    Sounds like a crime of some sort… Being paid by the NY state taxpayer and doing private personal work for the Governor.

    If you or I did this, we’d get convicted of fraud against NY state. When will people in power get held to the same standard the average person gets held to?

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