Jamestown Mayor Says City Faces Decisions On Marijuana Dispensaries

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JAMESTOWN – Members of the Jamestown City Council have some decisions to make following the legalization of the recreational usage of marijuana in New York.

Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist addressed the Council on the legislation during its Work Session meeting Monday. Specifically, Sundquist spoke about the regulations of dispensaries or on-site consumption that will be established by the newly-created State Office of Cannabis Management.

The Mayor says that dispensaries can not be established in certain areas of the city in accordance of New York State Law.

“We cannot have dispensaries or other on-site establishments so many feet from a school or house of worship, so that does limit locations that those can go,” Sundquist explained. ‘In addition, any dispensary or on-site consumption establishment must notify the municipality, so we will be notified before any of those are opened to ensure they comply with any type of regulations or zoning requirements.”

The City will be allowed to establish time, place and manner of use for on-site consumption of marijuana.

Sundquist furthers that the City of Jamestown would receive three percent of the 13 percent sales tax that the state will place on the sale of cannabis. Sundquist explains that the Council, if they chose to, has until December 31st to opt out of having dispensaries in the City.

Because of the later deadline, Sundquist says that he doesn’t dispensaries to open in the City until at least 2022 as the regulations are still being considered.


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