Committee Discusses Ways To Conduct Controlled Deer Hunt In City

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JAMESTOWN – For some time, members of the Jamestown City Council have discussed ways in which to conduct a controlled deer hunt within the city limits. 

Some members have opposed the idea due to several potential safety and liability issues that they see. Councilmember Tom Nelson (Ward VI) and other members of the Deer Management Committee, however, are continuing to push for a controlled bow hunt.

Bob Johnson, who was involved with Christian Bowhunters of America for several years, was one of the speakers at a Committee meeting Wednesday night. Johnson says that any hunter selected by the city for a controlled hunt would have extensive training.

“The biggest test is, I don’t think we have anybody that’s interested that’s not a conscientious hunter,” Johnson said. “That knows what the proper angle to execute a shot is. What is a proper place to put an arrow….you can’t shoot a deer with a bow that’s looking at you. There’s no place you can carve that animal humanely.”

Acting Director of Parks & Recreation Jeff Lehman furthers that the City, if the Council approved, would only be applying for NY Department of Conservation (DEC) permits for bow hunting, and no firearms would be used.

Jamestown Police Chief Tim Jackson also attended the meeting. Jackson says, while he agrees that there is a deer problem, he doesn’t believe a controlled hunt is the best solution for the city.

“I’m not sold this is the best way to handle it,” Jackson said. Jackson says he is concerned about who would be responsible for disposing of the deer once it lands on a person’s private property.

Council President Tony Dolce and Councilman Brent Sheldon were also at meeting. They advise that the Committee should construct a firm proposal for a presentation to the Council and public.

In addition, Nelson says that the committee will continue to meet and conduct research on the best way to conduct a controlled hunt.


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