JPD Chief Speaks Out After City Sees Increase In Drug Overdoses, Deaths

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JAMESTOWN – Jamestown Police Chief Tim Jackson is speaking out after the number of drug overdoses and, specifically, the number of drug related overdose deaths in the city continues to increase. 

WNY News Now reached out to Jackson Thursday morning in an effort to learn more about the trend. Jackson explains how there have already been 14 drug overdose deaths in 2021 thus far, compared to 12 in all of 2020.

Jackson says that the trend, largely involving fentanyl, is alarming.

“Fentanyl is a more powerful drug,” Jackson said. “More powerful narcotic, so there’s a higher demand for it. The problem with fentanyl, specifically fentanyl, is it can be up to 100 times stronger than morphine. So it’s easier to overdose on fentanyl than it is other drugs, and it takes a smaller amount as well.”

According to statistics obtained from the Chief, seizures of fentanyl have grown tremendously since 2018. In addition, JPD has responded to 59 overdose calls thus far in 2021, including 18 in April. Police responded to 60 in all of 2020.

Jackson says there’s many sources that are supplying the fentanyl.

“Where there’s a demand, there’s probably going to be a supply,” Jackson said.

The Police Chief says that there are “multiple efforts” that are being conducted in an effort to combat the drug issues that continue to occur in the City.

“Law enforcement is just one entity to stop narcotics use,” Jackson said. “People that have an addiction. There’s many places to reach out for help, and also education. Just stay away from narcotics. Even the less potent drugs, the user never really knows what’s in the drugs. That’s also a problem.”

Jackson will be holding a Facebook Live Q&A on the Jamestown Police Department’s page on Tuesday at noon. Jackson says that anyone with questions for him, whether they’re related to narcotics or other concerns, can be posted before noon on their page or submitted via Facebook Messenger to the page.

Residents have until noon that day to submit their questions.


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