Jamestown School Board Calls On NY To Revise Graduation Attendance Guidelines

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JAMESTOWN – The School Board of Education in Jamestown is calling on New York State to revise its attendance guidelines for high school graduation ceremonies.

The Jamestown Public School Board sent a letter to the NYS Department of Health & Governor Cuomo regarding the current restrictions in place.

Specifically, board members say the attendance cap is creating a barrier for the district to host a memorable and inclusive graduation ceremony for seniors and their families.

The current celebration is restricted to 200 people outdoors and 100 people indoors, beyond which all attendees must show proof of vaccination or of a negative test.

School officials say this does not allow for relatives who cannot or will not be vaccinated or tested to participate.

They say recently, sporting events have been allowed, under NYS guidelines, to have up to 500 unvaccinated or untested spectators outside and 250 unvaccinated or untested spectators inside, yet school graduations in those same facilities, under the same conditions, and in the same locations are limited to just 200 or 100 attendees without proof of vaccination or a negative test.

The School Board and Superintendent hope the letter will move state leaders to adjust the current guidance.


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