Fauci Expresses Confidence In Safety Protocols At Tokyo Olympics

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WASHINGTON – The start of the Tokyo Olympics is just weeks away, and COVID-19 is still a concern.

Due to an increase in cases, Japan has declared a Coronavirus state of emergency in Tokyo.

No spectators will be allowed at Olympic venues in the city, which will help.

Doctor Anthony Fauci says he’s confident in the Coronavirus safety protocols at the games.

The first lady is expected be there, and he says she’ll be safe.

“The protocols that are in place to protect them are really quite strict and stringent,” said Fauci. “Many of them maybe the majority of them I think are going to be vaccinated, but the care that’s being taken to avoid the spread there is really something that I think is really quite impressive from what I have heard about it.”

Fauci furthers that, “the question about the first lady going there. I mean, I think that’s going to be up to the first lady. I believe that there’s no reason right now, given the situation that the protocol to protect her health, I think will be also rather stringent. So I don’t have a concern about that.”

He also noted the strict and stringent protocols in place for athletes, which he described as “quite impressive.”


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