Mother Recalls Escape From House Fire

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JAMESTOWN – A Jamestown mother who, with her family, escaped smoke and flames unharmed this week says she is incredibly grateful for her neighbors and the police officer who came to their rescue.

“We are staying at my dad’s for now, we are bouncing back and forth between my brother and my dad, but everybody is hanging-in there, trying to keep happy, keeping our minds off the whole situation,” said Brooke Lucas in an interview Friday.

Lucas, along with her partner Hector Rivera and children, are lucky to be alive following the William Street Fire.

The mother, recalled the horrific event, saying her kids woke her up after they heard cracking on the window around midnight Monday.

“I got up instantly, walked out, opened up my door and my porch is up in flames,” explained Lucas.

The two youngest were still sleeping upstairs when the family noticed the inferno.

“Hector ended up getting Hazel awake, Hannah was right behind Hector, they went out our laundry door,” said Lucas. “I ran upstairs to get Haden, I tried to get the dog and cat, but by the time we got up the stairs it was in flames, there was no way.”

Both Lucas, and her 12-year-old daughter Haley, then jumped from above a porch into Jamestown Police Officer Mark Conklin’s arms, in what the mother calls a lifesaving moment.

While Officer Conklin was helping the mother and daughter escape, a group of neighbors then stepped in to assist.

“Jennifer was the neighbor that came out of nowhere to grab Hayden,” further Lucas.

And now, five days later, Lucas is still in shock trying to process the whole thing.

“I’m still trying to wrap my head around it all, I am just thankful everybody got together,” said Lucas. “Everybody was there at the right time, it is amazing, everyone are heroes.

The family met with Jamie Billquist, from the Rosemary’s Run Foundation, who donated a $1,000 check to help them get back on their feet.

In addition to that donation, a GoFundMe page has raised over $10,000 and clothing for the children is being collected by Pearl City Pets downtown.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. However, Lucas suspects it started outside of her home, possibly in an outer wall facing the porch.


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