Open Chautauqua County Legislature Seat Filled During Meeting

WNY News Now File Image.

MAYVILLE – A Chautauqua County Legislature seat previously opened is now filled. 

Officials announced Wednesday night during the August Legislative meeting that lifelong county resident John Penhollow will now represent District 7. Penhollow replaces former Legislator Mark Odell, a Republican who resigned earlier this month following a move to Florida.

Penhollow briefly addressed the Legislature during the meeting. He says that he has three college kids, and his wife currently works with the Dunkirk school administration. In addition, Penhollow says that he’s been a member of the Chautauqua County Planning Commission for roughly 10 years.

Officials from the various towns and villages that lie within District 7 selected Penhollow, and no push back was given from the Legislature. As of Thursday morning, Penhollow does not appear on the Chautauqua County Board of Elections online petitions filed page.

No other candidates from the District appear.


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