City Council At-Large Candidate Calls For Better Sidewalk Upkeep

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JAMESTOWN – A candidate for Jamestown City Council At-Large is calling for better upkeep of city sidewalks; an effort he plans to bring to the forefront if elected this fall.

Republican Randy Daversa previously worked with the New York State DOT for three decades.

As a former construction equipment operator, Daversa hopes to use his experiences to assist the Jamestown Department of Public Works in addressing ways to fix up the city’s ageing sidewalks.

“I know it’s very expensive to put new cement down, but there are some very bad spots that the DPW does work on,” said Daversa. “The complaints I get from some handicap people is that they can not get around on some of the sidewalks, so I’d like to take on an initiative to see if there could be something done; even if it’s with blacktop a less expensive way to go.”

He is running alongside incumbent Republicans Jeff Russell and Kim Ecklund for the three City Council At-Large seats. Democrats Alyssa Porter, Ellen Ditonto and Christina Cardinale are also on the ticket.

Daversa has been working with former Chautauqua County Legislator Dave Wilfong in campaigning, with the two going door-to-door recently hearing from perspective voters.

“If you don’t know the people, how are you going to serve the people?,” said Wilfong. “Going door-to-door is the way you sell yourself, we just met that young man right there he’s going to think of us when he goes to the booth, I think that’s the kind of connection you’ve got to get to win.”

Wilfong has hopes of retaking his former legislator seat for District 11 in Jamestown. He is running against incumbent Bob Whitney who was elected to the post while Wilfong was running for Mayor in 2019.

EDITOR’S NOTE: WNY News Now is compiling a series of stories chronicling the campaigns of candidates running for various positions throughout Chautauqua County.


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