Forensic Anthropology Team Critical To Investigation, Sheriff Explains

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MAYVILLE – Work to identify the first set human remains found last week in Chautauqua County is continuing with help of a regional college’s Forensic Anthropology division, something the county sheriff says is vital to his investigation.

Sheriff Jim Quattrone held a press conference Thursday identifying the second body that was found in the Town of Portland as a missing Buffalo woman, however at this hour the first skeletal remains discovered is still unidentified.

Quattrone says that Mercyhurst University’s Forensic Anthropology department is playing a critical role in finding answers.

“Mercyhurst is continuing to do their analysis,” stated Quattrone. “That forensic anthropology unit first of all they have been awesome to work with, very helpful, and very transparent with us.”

This is not the first time the sheriff has worked with Mercyhurst. Led by Dr. Dennis Dirkmaat, they provide crucial details about the decomposed bodies found.

“What Mercyhurst is doing for us is they are hopefully being able to give us some of the physical characteristics, height, approximate weight, approximate age, as well as ethnicity. So that’s some of the things they are doing for us,” explained Quattrone.

The Sheriff has had a chance to meet with the forensics unit and says he was amazed at how quick, and accurate, they can provide information.

“We had the opportunity to go to their campus, into their lab where they can share what they are doing right along,” said Quattrone. “They still have a lot of work to do and they are going to continue to assess and give us a final report relatively soon.”

Since their investigation began, dental records revealed that the bones are not those of missing women Lori Bova or Corey Anderson. The Sheriff says however he is hopeful the remains could be those of Patricia Laemmerhairt.

In addition to the college’s examination, some parts of the remains are headed to the State Police Crime Lab in Albany for DNA testing.


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