FDA Panel Authorizes Moderna Booster Shots. What’s Next?

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WASHINGTON (Erie News Now) – Thursday the FDA advisory panel unanimously recommended emergency authorization of booster shots for the moderna vaccine for people age 65 and up, as well as adults at high risk for disease and those who are frequently exposed at work.

“I think that its about time we do have that booster shot for individuals who got the Moderna,” Epidemiologist and Erie News Now Contributor Dr. Becky Dawson said.

This recommendation is similar to Pfizer’s green light for their booster vaccine last month.

“I think today’s conversation is what everyone was expecting, given that Pfizer was already previously approved to do that third dose of a booster shot” Dawson said.

She told Erie News Now the booster for the Pfizer vaccine is the same dosage as the first shots. For Moderna, the dose is cut in half because the first dose of the Moderna is larger than that of Pfizer.

Thursday’s announcement was big but the FDA Commissioner has to approve the vaccine for emergency use authorization so it can be used and then since getting a shot is a medical procedure, the CDC also has to approve.

Dawson said all of that should only take a few days.


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