Lawmakers Hesitantly Support Motion Seeking COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Alternatives

MAYVILLE – Lawmakers in Chautauqua County hesitantly approved two motions Wednesday night that support constitutional rights and ask for alternatives to COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

According to the agenda from the Clerk of the Legislature, the motions call on state and federal leaders to keep their legislative and executive powers within the bounds of their “constitutional authority” and call on New York to consider alternatives to vaccination mandates for healthcare workers.

Several members of the group were uneasy about the message the vaccine mandate motion could send to those skeptical about getting vaccinated.

However, several lawmakers felt there should be exceptions for healthcare workers to “test out” if they choose not to get the shot.

Residents first took a stand against New York State’s COVID-19 Vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and called for a “Constitutional Sanctuary” during last month’s Legislature meeting.

Several dozens of people turned out prior to the meeting to support the motions.


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