Jamestown City Councilwoman Says ARPA, General Budget Should Be Separate

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JAMESTOWN – A Jamestown City Councilwoman is continuing to express concerns about Jamestown Mayor Eddie Sundquist’s 2022 executive budget as the Dec. 1 deadline approaches. 

Councilwoman Kim Ecklund, who is the Finance Committee chair, addressed her colleagues during a Work Session meeting Monday evening. She says that she’s hesitant of the tentative proposal because of the ARPA components included in it.

“I’ve been very vocal and very concerned about the intermingling of the ARPA funds in the budget,” Ecklund said. “Our job as a council, and as a mayor, is to provide a balanced budget. If we take the ARPA funding out of the budget, it is far from balanced. While I feel voting on the dollar amounts of the ARPA is probably important, I’m very concerned with intermingling the two projects together in this budget.”

Ecklund says that she believes the Council should adopt a general fund budget, noting that if the body passes the budget as it stands, it would show the public that it would be approving specific projects contained in the proposal.

Ecklund furthers that the Council needs to work with “due diligence” in order to complete the budget process.

“I just don’t want to see all of us come with 20 different resolutions,” Ecklund said. “I would rather come with a clear and concise group proposal.”

The Council will be holding a public hearing Friday evening in its City Hall chambers at 6 p.m.


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