Chautauqua County Legislature Pushes For Southern Tier District Membership

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MAYVILLE – The Chautauqua County Legislature is officially making it known that they want to remain in a congressional district that contains counties in the Southern Tier. 

The Legislature approved a motion 17-2 Wednesday evening that would place, on the record, that the body does not want to be redistricted into a district with the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area. Legislators Robert Bankowski (District 2) and Bob Whitney (District 11) voted against the motion.

A motion, however, doesn’t give the Legislature authority to dictate what district they’d fall in as part of the redistricting.

New York State voters approved a Proposition in 2014 that established an independent redistricting commission containing members of both major political parties. The commission is responsible for establishing congressional district lines based on data obtained from the once-a-decade census.

The state lost one congressional seat during the last census.


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