Parent Demands Action Following Second Crash Involving Student

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JAMESTOWN – The parent of a student hit by a vehicle while crossing the street next to a Jamestown middle school is demanding action after another student was struck a by car on the same road.

On December 1 Matthew Canby’s stepson Jonathan was hit by a vehicle crossing Hazeltine Avenue while headed back to Persell Middle School after stopping at a nearby 7-Eleven.

“There was a school bus that was stopped waiting to turn into the bus turn around and he thought the stop lights were on, on the bus,” explained Canby. “So, he started to cross and unfortunately the stoplights were not on, and the oncoming car coming down the hill, just hit him.”

Fortunately, the 11-year-old escaped with only minor injuries.

“He had just a very slight concussion, he was banged up pretty good, his nose was pretty swollen, and he had some road rash on his face,” continued Canby.

Soon after his son’s accident, Canby launched a petition aiming to shine a spotlight on traffic safety. Following a similar accident that sent another young boy to the hospital on Tuesday, the charge has only grown.

“Prior to today we had about 500 signatures on that petition, and just today it has jumped about 400 signatures,” furthered Canby.

Since the accident, Jamestown Public Schools in a statement said they will be working with city leaders about installing more crosswalks in the neighborhood.

“The goal is to help bring a crosswalk to the middle of Hazeltine (Avenue) as well as maybe a pedestrian crossing light,” explained Canby.

There are two cross walks currently at the school, one on the north side of the complex and another on Baker Street where a stoplight is installed, however that light is currently not in operation.

Jamestown Public Schools says they will increase supervision and monitoring during arrival and dismissal times to prevent future incidents. During Tuesday’s dismissal, staff was on hand to try and encourage students to use the existing cross walks instead of simply crossing directly to the 7-Eleven parking lot.


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