Warren County Vaccine Awareness Team Awarded Grant

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WARREN, PA (Erie News Now) – Commissioner Jeff Eggleston has announced that the Vaccine Awareness Team has been awarded a $50,000 grant from DCED to perform a multi-county vaccine promotion.

“I think this is a huge step in battling misinformation and increasing vaccination in the region,” said Warren County Commissioner and grant author, Jeff Eggleston.

The grant will be used to purchase billboards, radio advertising, print advertising, create handouts, and other materials that will be circulated in a 7-county region including Warren, Crawford, Clarion, McKean, Elk, Forest, and Venango.

Addressing the regional approach, Eggleston stated, “With the size of the award it only makes sense to include the nearby regions as well and we will be reaching out to leaders there to make inroads on sharing messages from local voices.”

In support, Rev. Matthew Swanson of Pleasant Community Church stated “I am grateful how God works through the minds and hands of our scientists and medical community. Despite experiencing COVID-19 near the beginning of this outbreak in the states, my family, including my teenage children, have all been vaccinated, and so too 100% of the adults in my church. I highly encourage others to do the same!”

“Over 90% of the people we see at Warren General Hospital for COVID are unvaccinated” Dr. Keith Price, Medical Director of Warren General Hospital said. “It’s up to you to take this problem head-on, get vaccinated, and help your community to conquer COVID once and for all.”

“We’re going to continue this campaign and do everything we can to give voice to reason on this issue and increase the safety of our citizenry” Eggleston added.

For more information, visit warrenvax.com.


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