Tree Shortage? Not Likely.

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LANSING, N.Y. (WENY) – Throughout the US many Christmas tree retailers have been reporting a Christmas tree shortage but locally that’s not the case. 

“The shortage we have not seen here because a lot of our trees are grown locally and consumed locally and I speak for a lot of the other choose and cut growers that the supplies seem to be adequate,” said Moore.

For a tree shortage to happen, Moore said many factors come into play, one of them being the pandemic.

“Because of COVID, people have wanted to get out and enjoy the fresh air, I mean you couldn’t find a better place with social distance than to be on a Christmas tree farm, ” said Moore.

According to the American Farm Bureau, it takes about six to eight years to grow a tree and Moore said the last time trees were being planted, the United States was in a recession.

“In 2008, 2009 when the economy went into a recession, there was a slackening of demand for trees,” said Moore. “ There were a lot of trees available back then but as there were more trees, the prices dropped and farmers couldn’t get rid of their trees.”

With a decrease in demand, farmers responded by planting fewer trees in 2008-09, trees that would have been full-grown and ready to cut for this season.

The weather could have also played a factor but Moore said if it did, it would be in the early stages of the tree’s life.

“A tree has the most susceptibility to weather issues the first month or two after its planted,” said Moore. “ You want to make sure the tree gets plenty of moisture the first couple of months.”

If you haven’t gone out yet to get your Christmas tree, Moore said not to worry because there is plenty to go around.


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