Fire Safety Tips During A Snowstorm

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BIG FLATS, N.Y. (WENY) – With a Nor Easter Snowstorm impacting our region, fire departments want people to prepare, especially when it comes to fire hydrant safety.  

When a big snowstorm hits, people often forget to clear out the snow around a fire hydrant. The Big Flats Fire Department said people tend to think it’s the local government’s responsibility. It is not.  

Firefighter Nicols Harvey explained more about how to keep a fire hydrant up to the department’s standards.   

“After the snowstorm hits, please make sure there’s 360 degrees around the fire hydrant cleared off for at least three feet,” he said.   

Harvey explained why fire hydrants are important to firefighters.  

“Fire hydrants are really important to the service,” he said. “If your house does unfortunately catch on fire…a lot of times if there’s a hydrant, that will be our main source of water.”  

He confirmed it is easy to notice when people forget about their fire hydrants.  

“A lot of times…especially in the front,” he said. “Plows come through and pile a bunch of snow there and it makes it a lot more difficult to clear them off.”  

 There is more that comes to fire safety than fire hydrants after a snow storm. Harvey explained there are several ways someone can exercise fire safety, especially during the winter months.  

“Always check your CO detectors and smoke alarms…if you don’t have flashlights, go get flashlights,” he said. “If you use candles, make sure you blow those candles out before going to bed, and if you have to travel, just always be safe.”  

 Harvey explained that the fire department usually gets called during a winter storm.  

“It’s common,” he said. “People do still have to go to work on snow days, which is unfortunate and if you’re not careful, things will happen.”  

Firefighters at the Big Flats Fire Department urge people to check on their fire hydrants on Sunday and Monday. 


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