Jumping Into Frozen Chautauqua Lake For Charity

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LAKEWOOD – Those that were brave enough, jumped into Chautauqua lake over the weekend. All for a similar cause, charity for our veterans.

Event organizer Bradley Barmore hosted the plunge to benefit those less fortunate this winter.

“When you have an opportunity to give back to the community I recommend giving back,” stated Barmore.

The fundraiser brought in a lot of used coats, hats, gloves, and other winter essentials. The items were donated to the Jamestown’s Community Helping Hands.

“In turn they are going to donate that to those that are in need locally,” explained Barmore. “As far as the monetary proceeds, we are donating that to the Joseph Dwyer Veterans Peer to Peer support group.”

The original goal for monetary donations was $2,500, but by the time people started jumping in, the amount of money raised was more than double the original target.

The plunge brought out a lot of attendees including Sheriff Quatrone, County Executive PJ Wendel, and New York State Senator Borello. With all of them happy to take the plunge and support this cause.

“I think it’s fantastic. This is to support a worthwhile cause, the Dwyer program here, which helps our veterans, all they’ve done for us,” explained Borello. “The least we can do is a little bit of cold water to help them.”

When asked how it felt to brave the icy waters, Executive PJ Wendel was happy to have participated.

“A little cold right now, but a lot of fun,” stated Wendel. “Great cause and I think going into the water for about 15 seconds pales in comparison to what our troops go through everyday.”


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