Jamestown Councilman Pushes For Improvements To DPW Plows, Trucks

Image by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.

JAMESTOWN – A Jamestown City Councilman is pushing for American Rescue Act funding to be allocated towards upgrading what he says is an aging fleet in the Department of Public Works. 

Councilman At-Large Randy Daversa recently spoke with WNY News Now following a tour of the DPW with Director of Public Works Jeffrey Lehman. Daversa explains that the trucks the city uses are starting to wear due to the salt and heavy usage.

“There is a number of pieces of equipment that the DPW has put in for, and I’m a proponent of that,” Daversa said. “It’s badly needed over the years. We have a very aging fleet, and there’s even bombardiers on the list, one or two of them, and we are going to explore if the ability to get those would be able to help in the future.”

The Council, during its meeting Monday evening, passed a resolution designating $890,000 in American Rescue Plan Act lost revenue funds for the purpose of funding the purchase of various vehicles and pieces of equipment for the Department of Public Works. Additionally, the Council approved a $370,000 designation in ARPA lost revenue funds for the purpose of funding the purpose of various vehicles and pieces of equipment for the Parks Department.

Councilwoman Kim Ecklund noted prior to the vote that the Council wasn’t choosing whether or not to approve specific equipment for the departments.


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