Finding The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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MAYVILLE – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and a local florist is gearing up for the swarms of flowers to fly off the shelves.

Ariel Cartwright, owner of The Mayberry Jungle in Mayville, has already started making flower arrangements for those looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

“I think it’s really common for most women to love flowers, and chocolate, and of course plants,” explained Cartwright.

Most cut flowers only last around two weeks. Because of this, Cartwright is straying her customers away from floral gifts, and instead, pushing them to give plants.

“Plants last for so much longer than a cut flower of course, they can last for years depending on what you get,” stated Cartwright. “A lot of people actually prefer plants on Valentine’s Day.”

When it comes to getting the best quality of flowers and plants, Cartwright touts local shops as the source for healthy, long lasting greenery.

“Every different type of plant has a specific set of needs,” explained Cartwright. “So, if you go to a local store odds are their heart is really going to be in it. They are going to know a lot about the plants and you’re going to have a plant that’s going to last for a really long time.”

Cartwright believes that you should not wait until the last minute to get your Valentine’s Day supplies.

“Most people wait until the day of or even the night of, but you’re really running the risk of places running out, even those bigger box stores are going to be running out on Valentine’s Day,” stated Cartwright. “Pre-ordering is definitely the smarter route where you are guaranteed to have something.”

More information on The Mayberry Jungle, and their Valentine’s Day promotions, can be found on their Facebook page or call (716) 224-1209.


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