Reed Praises Legislation Aimed At Boosting Postal Service

Photo: Pixabay

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Postal Service may see a long-term boost to its stability in the next few weeks.

That’s according to Congressman Tom Reed, who touted the Postal Service Act of 2022 during his weekly press conference. Reed says the bipartisan legislation, which passed the House Tuesday, will address the finances and operations of the Postal Service for the next decade-plus.

Reed explains that stabilizing the agency is vital for the millions of Americans who continue to utilize the service.

“To all of our postal workers out there, we thank our letter carriers, we thank the folks that allow the Postal Service to get their job done, and hopefully this sends a message to them that we stand in their corner as we proudly supported this legislation to get the Post Office in a position of stability and long-term existence in our country, servicing the needs of the postal demand for the folks who rely on that service day in and day out,” Reed explained.

The Congressman says that he was told that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D, NY) intends to bring the bill to the Senate floor following the Presidential holiday break.


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