Work To Develop A Central DPW Garage In Jamestown Moves Forward

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JAMESTOWN – Work on developing a central DPW garage in Jamestown is moving forward after lawmakers okayed an expansion to the existing structure on Monday.

Over the summer, the City Council passed a resolution to buy an old car dealership on Washington Street, advancing plans to build a new Fleet Maintenance Facility.

Public Works Director Jeffrey Lehman explains the building’s intended purpose.

“This is going to be for maintenance,” explained Lehman. “So, the city mechanics works on all the different police cruisers, DPW, Parks, BPU, Fire Trucks pretty much city wide.”

Since initial talks, lawmakers approved the purchase of a metal frame and materials to be used as an expansion for the facility.

“Part of the project is adding a 75 by 80-foot addition to the property,” stated Lehman. “That is to house larger trucks, larger clearance on the doors, that type of thing.”

Leham stresses that the need for a new garage was apparent due to the lack of space at the current DPW building.

“Currently on Steele Street, we’ve outgrown that building,” explained Lehman. “We’re all over ourselves, council purchased the building on Washington Street earlier this year.”

Originally the plan was to build a new garage on Crescent Street, but lawmakers settled on repurposing another building instead.

“The new Fleet Maintenance Building, which was the old Hartley dealership,” stated Lehman. “We’re in the process of gutting the building right now to build it out for our use.”

The amount for the materials is expected to cost nearly $233,000 with construction getting underway at a later date. As of right now there are no other plans to improve the property.


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