Hundreds Take Part In Meet And Greet At Jamestown’s Airport

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JAMESTOWN – Hundreds of people from across Chautauqua County took part in a meet and greet breakfast at the Jamestown Airport over the weekend, to discuss the future of the service.

The pancake breakfast, headed up by the new Chautauqua County Airport manager Shannon Barnhart, aimed to reignite public interest in the air field, while gauging feedback.

Barnhart says she was surprised to see hundreds take part in the social event, traveling in by automobile and airplane.

“It’s definitely exceeded my expectations,” explained Barnhart. “We’ve had so many of the public, family, friends, everyone. We had several airplanes fly in today and it just couldn’t be better.”

Those that operate out of the facility showcased their businesses and groups, including the head of the local Civil Air Patrol.

“I’m hoping that the airport gets lots of people to come up and see what a great airport it is,” explained Civil Air Patrol Lieutenant Colonel Ellen Maternowski.

Mike Johnson with Majestic Aviation operates a flight training program and plane rental service.

“The goal of this is to just promote the airport and to get the word out about all of the businesses we have going on up here,” explained Johnson. “So even though there is no commuter service here, we still are teaching people how to fly daily. We are buying and selling aircraft, and we are fixing people’s aircraft from all over the world.”

While this breakfast event was limited to Saturday morning, Barnhart has big plans for the year.

“Hopefully more things like this,” stated Barnhart. “I’d like to do a fly-in, this year is the 90th anniversary of the Jamestown Airport and we’re hoping to do something fun. That day is on August 20th and it happens to be a Saturday so let’s hope we can figure some things out.”

Officials with the airport are open to suggestions in hopes of improving services. A survey was handed out to those in attendance. For more information on the airport, visit


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