Federal Investigators Locate Missing Baby, Fugitive Mother In Stockton

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STOCKTON – Federal investigators have located a missing baby and her fugitive mother who was believed to be hiding in Chautauqua County.

The U.S. Marshall’s Office reports 35-year-old Adrienne Grace Marean, who allegedly fled West Virginia earlier in March after fleeing with 11-month-old Iris Chidester, was found in Stockton on Thursday.

Marean, Marshalls say, was wanted for allegedly violating a Harrison County Family Court Order to transfer custody of her child in February 2022.

“This case led investigators to numerous states and even into Canada,” said Acting U.S. Marshal Terry Moore in a statement. “The safe recovery of this child is a direct result of non-stop investigative efforts coupled with the interstate collaboration of federal, state, and local authorities.”

Last month, investigators focused their search to the Dunkirk and Fredonia areas.


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  1. My heart goes out to Adrienne Marean..being called a fugitive and all this negative news about her taking off with HER baby….there are times when a parent feels like they have no choice… The courts are on one mind set….I know she violated a court order……but what did she do that was so wrong that she could not at least have shared custody….. Does the father have more money or know the right people??? Family courts need the $$ that is spent on all these Marshall’s and other crime units in cases like this..it’s just a mother loving and wanting her baby…. She’s not a REAL CRIMINAL.. You hear of so many cases like this ..both mothers and fathers just looking for help in making it right and no one listening….

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