New York State DMV Warns Consumers Of Surge In Catalytic Converter Thefts


ALBANY (WENY) – The New York DMV is warning New Yorkers of rising catalytic converter thefts.

The DMV is teaming with members of law enforcement to demonstrate a new process that allows auto dealers to install a trace-able serial number onto the catalytic converter.

The serial number would be clearly seen and quickly linked back to the vehicle from which it was stolen.

Over the past three years, some areas of the state have seen theft increases of up to 200% per year.

“New car dealers have been hit particularly hard by these thefts. In addition to the cost to replace the stolen parts, these thefts often result in thousands of dollars in additional damage to the vehicle, which means a dealer has to wait to sell the vehicle or a new car buyer has to wait significantly longer to receive their vehicle,” said DMV Commissioner Mark J.F. Schroeder. “We are happy to help get etching kits into the hands of dealers to help them fight the scourge of catalytic converter thefts.”

The majority of catalytic converter thefts result in anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 in damage per vehicle. A catalytic converter uses platinum, palladium, and rhodium to convert toxic engine exhaust to less harmful gasses.


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