Regional Marina Gas Prices Reach $5.19

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ERIE, Pa. (Erie News Now) – Long gone are the days of four-dollar gas, and cheap days out on the lake.

“Most of these boats are using the Rec-90 or ethanol free. It’s $5.19,” fisherman, Jeffery Fink told Erie News Now.

Fuel at the Lampe Marina docks is $5.19 per gallon. Whether you have a small fishing boat with a six-gallon tank or a big pontoon with a sixty-gallon tank, the cost of filling up will add up fast.

“For the weather being like it is, it’s a bit slow,” Ken Johnson said. He has worked for the Port Authority at Lampe Marina for several years.

With the way gas prices have continued to climb at the pump, he’s not surprised to see the costs climb even higher at the dock. “Everything has been. I expected it to be a little more to be honest,” said Johnson.

Some say they think these high gas prices will keep some fishermen off the water this year, so they’re hoping those prices come down before the summer fishing season starts.

“There’s a lot of people who may not have expendable cash, the weekend boater, the guy occasionally going out with his kids or his friends, they may cut back on their trips because they just can’t afford to keep going out at double the prices it was last year this time,” said Fink.

In the meantime, fishermen who can afford to go out say they’re budgeting carefully and hoping to see a drop at the fuel dock soon. “I’m hoping they come down, but am I optimistic? Not really,” said Fink.


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