Buffalo Mayor Says He Is Hopeful For Change After Meeting With Biden

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By Jamiel Lynch

BUFFALO, NY – President Biden and first lady Jill Biden met individually with the families of the victims in the Buffalo supermarket shooting on Tuesday, Mayor Byron Brown said.

“The President didn’t hurry through those meetings, didn’t rush through the people that were hurting and in pain and spent a lot of time individually with families, which I think shows his compassion and his commitment to change,” he said.

Brown said that he felt “a strong sense of resolve and commitment in the President to try and bring change as it relates to these kinds of situations.”

In his conversations with Biden, Brown said they talked about gun control and what could be done to end mass shootings.

“As it relates to gun control in this country, change has been very elusive,” Brown said. “There are those in Washington who have put the needs and the desires of the gun manufacturers ahead of the lives of Americans. That has to stop. I think the President will not forget.”

“The President seemed very moved by what he saw here in this community,” he said.

Brown also visited the growing memorial outside of the Tops Friendly Markets store with the President and first lady.

“It was a somber moment. It was an emotional moment,” Brown said.

Brown said the CEO of Tops supermarket has told him they want to open the store as quickly as possible, as he understands the importance of the store to the community. Tops is helping get residents to the company’s other supermarkets for groceries and to fill prescriptions in the meantime, he said.


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