Falconer High School Hosting Special Alumni, Student Band Concert

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FALCONER – Falconer High School is hosting a special “Marvel” themed concert next week, featuring an interesting mix of performers, consisting of current and former band members. 

“It’s not just alumni, it is also teachers and staff members that are currently in the district that have decided to dust off those horns, get them out, and start playing again,” explained middle and high school band director, Michelle Battaglia.

Battaglia says the concert has been in the works for quite some time.

“It actually started in 2020 just before Covid, we were going to do an alumni concert for the Olympics. I was going to invite select alumni to come and play with the band for the Olympic spirit but then Covid took place and we weren’t able to have a concert that year,” Battaglia said.

The concert features songs from the Marvel movies soundtrack, including Captain America, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, just to name a few.

“I’ve played the saxophone since fourth grade, I believe the year 2000, so I’ve been playing for about 22 years now and still going strong,” said Kyle Jordan, a Falconer graduate of 2009. “I’ve always been an active musician, music has always been a passion of my life. Something I obviously didn’t want to do professionally or as my primary job but it’s something I’ve always carried with me as a joy and it’s something I thoroughly love and it’s a passion I enjoy about my life.”

To many, the expression of music is much more than a hobby.

“With all the alumni and teachers and people I’ve gotten to know this year, it’s been really special. I feel like I’ve gotten to know these musical people a lot better and I’ve been able to see my path in the future more clearly because of this,” said Falconer senior Renae Spangler.

The concert will take place June 1st, at 8 p.m. at Falconer’s Bill Race Athletic Complex. All are welcome to attend free of charge, with the audience encouraged to wear their favorite superhero costume.

“It is a great thing and it’s a great opportunity not only for the community but for our students as well,” said Battaglia.


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