Jamestown To Implement New Surveillance Cameras

JAMESTOWN – The Jamestown City Council was presented with plans to put in six new security cameras across the city, in hopes of fighting crime.

When asked about the cameras Jamestown Police Chief Tim Jackson had confirmed that, pending the council does go forward with the new cameras, he already has in mind where they will be placed.

Chief Jackson also said that these cameras will be in addition to the equipment already in use, as well as a much needed upgrade to the aging system. 

The cameras can be moved from whatever location they are put in, to wherever the Jamestown Police Department sees fit.

Funding for the equipment will be broken down, with 4 of them being paid for by American Rescue Plan monies, and the other 2 will be paid for with Federal Drug Seizure funds.

Mayor Eddie Sundquist also mentioned to the council that these cameras are specifically made by a certain company, so there was no bid on the price for the new hardware.


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