Local Students Hold Car Wash Fundraiser For Women’s Shelter

Image by Alyssa Wright

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JAMESTOWN – Students from Jamestown High School met at Zion Covenant Church last week to hold a car wash fundraiser for the UCAN Women’s Shelter. 

“Every year we fundraise. We pick a cause in the community to give back, and this year it’s the UCAN Women’s shelter. We’ve done a bunch of fundraisers starting since March to raise money,” said Jamestown Class President of 2022, Mia Brown.

After brainstorming what fundraisers would catch the public’s eye, the choice was made.

“A car wash gets everyone involved, it’s not just one person leading it and we can get people off the streets from the community and just brings everyone together for something fun, quick, and easy,” Brown said.

A car wash heavily depends on community involvement, and the students at JHS were not disappointed. 

“I think that it’s really helpful to have community members come out and support especially for the UCAN Women’s shelter because it’s the starting phase of it. It really helps to have people know about it,” said Jaymin Morano, a senior at JHS. 

Unfortunately, the students weren’t able to fundraise last year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, so this year they seem thrilled to be able to return to fundraising. 

‘It’s a really fun thing to do, we haven’t done it in past years especially because of COVID. We weren’t able to fundraise last year so this is really fun to just be outside with our friends,” said Morano. 

While many of the students were hard at work washing cars, two of them made signs and danced around, prompting drivers to make a stop at their car wash event. 

As of reporting, the total amount raised by the students has accumulated to roughly $8,900 total.


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