Local Museum Unveils Summer Exhibit

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JAMESTOWN – The Fenton History Center opened this year’s featured summer exhibit on Wednesday, displaying decades worth of Greek history and celebrating the centennial of the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. 

“We try to make History really interesting at the Fenton. It’s all Jamestown history, so if you haven’t been to the Fenton in a while, we encourage you to come back. Our summer exhibit, the featured exhibit, changes every year. This exhibit will be open through November 1st,” said Museum Curator, Victoria Parker.

The church has a very rich history, some of which was just recently discovered to be documented. 

“One of the really cool things they found was pictures of the fires that took place at the Church. If you’re familiar with the Greek Orthodox Church, now it’s a round building and it’s very distinct. But originally it was a small, rectangular building, the original church is still there, the history books all said, ‘Oh, well after the second fire we built the new church’, and we were able to find the dates for the fires and actually find the newspaper articles with pictures from the fires,” Parker said. 

These articles and pictures have been made into part of the exhibit, along with many other photographs and artifacts dating back to the last 100 years. 

“It’s a big celebration in September, and it’s part of the whole celebration of an exhibit covering the history of the Greeks in Jamestown, the Church itself, and how the community grew from the Church,” said Museum Curator, Victoria Parker.

Those interested are invited to come view the exhibit at the Fenton History Center. Museum staff explained that the Fenton is constantly being updated and there is always something new to learn. 


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