“1776 Restoration Movement” Protests Government Overreach, Leader Arrested and Released

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – A group stemming from the “People’s Convoy” who drove trucks and cars cross country protesting vaccine and mask mandates a couple of months ago, are taking their protest from the roadways to our nation’s capital.  

On the National Mall, you’ll find American flags and paint that reads: “we want our rights back” and “stand up and say no mandates” decorated on cars and trucks parked nearby. They’re part of a group called the “1776 Restoration Movement”.

“So the People’s Convoy started off by ending the national state of emergency you know, no mandates,” said Victoria LaRocca, a member of the 1776 Restoration Movement. “So 1776 Restoration Movement was birthed from the ashes of that because they declared victory quote, un-quote, but a lot of members did not feel that victory really was accomplished.”

The group, which includes people from all over the country, has been here all week shuffling their cars on the Mall to avoid tickets and protesting government overreach.

“We are here to bring back our constitutional republic and bring back morality to our country that has been missing for awhile,” said a group member who goes by “Raptor”.

Two days ago, their leader, David Riddell, who goes by the nickname “Santa” was arrested on a Maryland state police warrant. Police said he used a semi-truck to block traffic in Maryland for about half an hour on July fourth, but the group says otherwise:

“It’s political persecution,” said “Raptor”.

Riddell has since been released and the group said they’ll continue their protests.

“You’re gonna see blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks of American flags and patriots standing up for freedom to stop believes in police brutality to stop the tyranny to stop the erosion of our freedoms to let our government know that we won’t take it,” said a group member who goes by the name “XRAY”.


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