Biden’s Middle East Visit Could Focus on Energy Security

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Joe Biden is in the Middle East to meet with leaders in the region and build up connections, but the trip could also focus on boosting oil production in the region.

The White House said this trip isn’t all about oil but that energy security is one of the topics and this definitely come at a time families are feeling the pains at the pumps. Although the national gas average peaked at around five dollars a gallon last month, this week it’s lowered to around $.65 and the inflation index including food and gas prices could continue to lower.

Republicans like Congressman Fred Keller (R- PA) are taking to social media, outraged over these high gas prices. In a Tweet, Keller told Biden instead of asking for Saudi gas to work with American oil and gas producers to curb energy prices. In a press release from the White House, that’s one of the strategies Biden said he will use to lower gas prices. On top of that, Biden said he will continue releasing oil from our strategic petroleum reserve and put a price cap on Russian oil.

Biden is also asking Congress to create legislation to reduce the cost of everyday expenses, like prescription drugs, to utility bills and more, to help families curb costs.


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